The Seven Layer Salad isn’t anything new. It’s been a hit (thanks to Betty Crocker) for decades and is still popular, but the best foods aren’t going out of fashion. If you’re not familiar with it or you’ve never tasted it before – Seven Layer Salad is an easy recipe that can be made ahead and chilled to ensure that all ingredients remain fresh and crisp. With romaine or iceberg lettuce bacon, green onions tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, tomatoes peas, cheddar along with a rich dressing that’s flavor is awe-inspiringly simple and is the perfect dish for potlucks.

In the past it was typically composed of iceberg lettuce however we’ve found that romaine has the same delicious crunch however it has a much better nutritional composition. After the initial layer of lettuce is gone then you can add fresh tomatoes, green peas as well as hard-boiled eggs that are cut into slices along with chopped onions in each layer.

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