7 ways to preserve tomatoes

When you have a lot of tomatoes ripening faster than you can eat them, what do you do? Usually, I pressure can my tomatoes. This year I don’t have the time to drag all the equipment out. I decided to preserve my tomatoes the easy way by freezing them.Here’s how to freeze fresh tomatoes.


Freezing Tomatoes

If you have the extra space in your freezer then freezing tomatoes is the way to go. I was able to put up two cases in a few hours. All tomatoes get a mushy texture whether you freeze them or pressure can them. I like to either thaw them or just pop them frozen into the recipe.

You’ll need:

  1. Tomatoes
  2. Plastic bags or containers
  3. sharp knife
  4. slotted spoon
  5. large bowl
  6. ice

The first step in freezing fresh tomatoes is to peel the tomato skins and quarter the tomatoes. I fill a large pot. Not sure how to do this? You can read how to peel fresh tomatoes here.

The next step when learning how to freeze fresh tomatoes is to then scoop the tomatoes, once peeled, into plastic bags. I used freezer style quart sized bags.

Remove the air from the bags before sealing and freeze. They stack very nicely in the freezer. You’ll have your garden tomatoes all winter long.

How long frozen tomatoes will last