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No kneading, you just mix it up and bake it.  Super easy sweet bread. This no kneading, just mix it up and bake it bread. Makes a wonderful dessert or even quick breakfast. Makes 2 loaves, This may very well be one of the first breads I have ever made. It’s a staple in our family, and there are usually several loaves frozen at any given time! I usually make a starter batch, and instead of giving my bags of batter away, I keep them (GASP!!) and when they are due to be baked, I bake all of them (usually ending up in 8 loaves of bread). Have you ever tried this bread? The crust is a thick, crunchy cinnamon sugar coating, especially if you generously coat it like I do before baking. I’m often asked for the recipe for this bread, so here ya’ll go!  What I should have said is… “Your friends will love it until they don’t anymore and then run away from you because they don’t want any more starter.” Okay, so I’m not really selling this recipe so far, am I? Let’s start over. Have you heard of Amish Friendship Bread? I thought everyone had and then I asked Facebook, the knower of all the things, and it said that many people have no clue.

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