Banana Bread In a Jar

What trumps Banana Bread? Banana Bread in a Jar! It makes adorable holiday gifts and party favours and is especially perfect for camping. It’s also lots of fun to make.

Have you been wondering how you were ever going to use all of those ripe bananas in your freezer? Use them to make these little delights and give them as gifts this holiday season.

I met Debbie several years ago at a bloggers’ lunch and we connected instantly. She’s very down-to-earth, so easy to talk to, and a delight to be around. And since then, I’ve become acquainted with Sherri and Tracy. They are ALL amazing women.

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“This makes a great gift for friends and neighbors. Also great for Christmas Bazaar item. Decorate with pretty label and a circle of Christmas fabric under the jar ring. Using the same basic recipe you can substitute different fruits and vegetables to make other varieties.”

Using this for teacher gifts. Was planning on using my favorite recipe from the Fanny Farmer Baking Book for the bread, but noticed that the ingredients were almost identical so I used this one instead. I omitted the cloves (don’t like them much) and after reading from another reviewer that the bread had tasted a little too spicy. Cut back a little on the cinnamon too. I also used cooking spray to grease the inside of the jars. After filling half-full I placed the jars directly on the rack (as another person suggested). They came out perfect and the recipe is delicious! If when taking them out of the oven you noticed that they’ve popped out of the jar a little you can carefully (with gloves of course) press the top of the bread down gently so that the sides are away from the seal. I made sure that the rim was clean and even with them being quite full they all sealed perfectly. Found the pint-size wide mouth jars by where I live for only 5.99 for a dozen at Big Lots. Plan on decorating them with 7″ round pieces of material with ribbons and will print out gift tags to attach with a note to heat for less than 30 seconds in the microwave so they will slide right out and be ready for slicing. Will definitely make them again, plan on buying more mason jars and storing them for holiday baking! Hope this review helps…all the others did for me as well!

I’ve made these 5 times! Very moist but the real key is to NOT bake them on a baking sheet. Carefully put the jars directly on the oven rack for more even baking. Baking on the sheet causes the middle to be not cooked with the top being too cooked! I got so many compliments from everyone I gave these as a gift to!

I just made these with 8 ounce Jelly jars and they turned out perfect filling with 1/2 cup of batter. I will put these jars in inexpensive mugs with a packet of hot cocoa mix. wrap with cellophane and ribbon for a cute little gift. Thanks for the recipe and gift idea!!!

Fantastic!! This was my first time making banana bread and it turned out wonderful. My husband, who is a banana bread conniseur, said it was the best he’s ever had. I found the jars at Wal-Mart, since I know a few of you were having trouble finding them. I also reduced the cloves from 1 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp. Like another reviewer, I scaled the recipe to make 12 jars. As an experiment, I cooked 6 jars at a time, the first time with a cookie sheet, the second time without. The bread cooked with the cookie sheet turned out just fine, however, the ones cooked without the sheet look more golden brown on the outside (the others were darker). Also, HELPFUL HINT!!, I figured out a super easy way to get the batter into the jars: pour the batter into a heavy gallon freezer bag and cut a small hole in the corner of the bag. This way, you can pipe the batter right into the jars. No mess! Thanks, this recipe is great. Can’t wait for gift-giving this year! Next time I’ll try pumpkin.



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