BBQ Texas Twinkies

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I should have just named my blog, “Ways To Use Up Leftover Brisket”… cause let’s face it. I spend a lot of time creating tasty new recipes from my husband’s barbecue obsession.

Oh, you’re new here? Just check out any of these recipes for my favorite ways to use leftover brisket.

Yep, we played around with all of the ingredients to write you the ultimate guide on how to make these babies, including which bacon is best, how thick of bacon should you use, what style of barbecue sauce to use for Texas Twinkies, and where to find the jumbo jalapenos that are required. 😀

I’m thrilled to share the recipe because it wasn’t near as daunting as it originally looked. Let’s take a look at the ingredients we need. (OBVIOUSLY, BRISKET.)

This is chopped brisket from the point of the brisket. The point is the fatty part that is usually chopped and made into sandwiches (instead of the flat which we use to make sliced brisket). I chopped it up into tiny pieces.

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