Bet You’ve Never Made Pancakes Like This Before – So Easy!

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Don’t forget, this doesn’t have to be just breakfast – it’s a really easy way to make dessert, too! Just add some fresh berries and ice cream to pamper your family!

The cooking time depends on the amount of the pancake batter you’re using, and also the size of your slow cooker. I would recommend checking on it often, when you’re making this the first time. After that it’s going to be super easy to just set up the timer and let the slow cooker wake you up with this wonderful breakfast!



1 box Betty Crocker pancake mix (or any brand – the amount needed depends on how many mouths you’re trying to feed)

syrup for the batter + a little more for drizzling on the top

Land O’ Lakes butter/ ice cream / whipped cream, for serving

slow cooker liner (optional)


Make the pancake batter according to your package instructions. The amount depends on how many servings you want to make. Add some syrup to the pancake batter (about ½-1 cup).

Pour the batter into your slow cooker. If you’d like to be able to remove the pancake easily in one piece, use a slow cooker liner. But it tastes just as good if you just scoop it out of the crock pot, onto your plate!

The slow cooker setting depends on the size of your slow cooker and the amount of the pancake batter. For a very small slow cooker 2 hours on high is good. If you’re using a larger slow cooker and and it’s shallow-filled, you may want to check on it after an hour.

When done, either lift the pancake out with the help of the slow cooker liner, or scoop out servings with a spoon.


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