Casserole Featuring Doritos

This recipe combines two of my favorite things- Dorito chips and taco casserole flavors. YUM! Casseroles are one of my favorite things to make for dinner. They are so simple and always delicious.

Casseroles also travel well and feed a bunch of people so they are perfect for bringing over to a friends house or cooking for a crowd. Casseroles just can’t be beat.

This Dorito casserole is super tasty. I love all of the Mexican flavors mixed in with the crunch Dorito chips. Each layer has a different flavor which all combines for one incredible bite! Put this on your dinner menu this week- you can thank me later!!
I’m not preaching this as health food. I know some folks love to hate on Doritos. So, if that is you, just click away now. 😉 For everyone else – let’s enjoy this layered goodness of seasoned ground beef, Doritos, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, lettuce, two kinds of cheeses and catalina dressing. Oh yeah!

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