Cheerio Recipes That Will Change Your Life

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Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the best. Fried Cheerios are not only yummy — they’re also super easy to make. Plus, the recipe takes less than five minutes, which puts them right up there with popcorn in terms of ease.

The blogger behind Sweet Little Bluebird is here to remind us all that fried Cheerios exist. Also called hot buttered Cheerios, her take on the snack uses just three ingredients: Cheerios, butter and salt.

All you have to do to is heat Cheerios on the skillet with butter until they’re nice and toasty. Sprinkle with salt and start munching!

Seriously, cheerios have been around for such a long time – we don’t even remember when that bright yellow box didn’t exist – it’s stood the test of time for so many good reasons! Those little circles are toasty, such a cute shape, and they taste just as yummy with or without milk! Who would have thought such a basic ingredient could make us feel so nostalgic – do you remember eating them (and wearing them at times) when you were a kid? Well, we were also able to make some new memories with this vintage, hot savory buttered cheerio recipe, proving that a certain classic American cereal isn’t just for breakfast.

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