Cheesy Chicken Fritters

Kids and adults alike will love these chicken nuggets. Perfect for after school and on weekends, just make sure you save some for yourself. This recipe originally appeared in Cooking with Tenina: More great recipes for the Thermomix, by Tenina Holder.

Take classic chicken nuggets to the next level when you follow our Chicken Nuggets with Cheese recipe. Just when you thought nuggets couldn’t get any tastier, the shredded cheese in Chicken Nuggets with Cheese blows away your expectations.

Chicken Nugget with Cheese is an easy cheese nugget mixed with different herbs and then dredge with flour, egg & breadcrumb, which is then deep fried in oil to have a beautiful golden brown. It is a family-friendly and kid-friendly recipe that you can serve during birthday parties, snacks, or children’s dinners.

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