Chewy Coconut Cookies

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“Lots of coconut and sugar make these cookies chewy and delicious.”
Last week I bought a very large bag of coconut. I had no idea what I’d make with it – but I figured having it in my cupboard would give me inspiration. This chewy coconut cookies recipe yields a spicy coconut flavor. The dough is laced with coconut milk and sweetened flaked coconut. You’re going to love the crisp exterior of the cookie and the chewy texture of the flaked coconut!
I debated making some sort of coconut cupcake – but that seemed like too much work. Maybe tropical muffins? Pineapple isn’t in season. Turns out, because I was searching for something complicated I completely forgot about one of the most delicious options – Coconut Cookies. These coconut cookies are crunchy on the outside and chewy and soft on the inside and have the texture of chocolate chip cookies. They are full of coconut flavor and smell irresistible.

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