Concrete in Bag Walkway

Creating your own cobblestone path couldn’t be easier with this fun DIY!

concrete in bag walkway

I have an area just off my back porch that I want to improve a little bit. I started my project by prepping the area and scraping all the grass away. I also tried to level it out at the same time.

To make my cobblestones I grabbed some high-strength concrete mix.

I didn’t want to make a mess, so I took a wooden dowel and placed it under the middle of the bag.

With the bag in place over the dowel, I cut the top of the bag straight across the middle.

Then, I pulled up on the dowel and it split the bag completely in half with no need to carry an 80lb bag around to mix it.

To mix the concrete, I started by pouring some water into the bottom of a bucket. This keeps the concrete from sticking to the bottom.

Next, I poured in some of the concrete.

Then I finished it off with some more water and mixed it all up. I made my mix a little soupier than normal for this project.

You want to get a fairly liquid consistency so that it slides right off the scraper.

Once I had the right consistency, I grabbed some 1-quart Ziploc bags and started filling them up.

You want no less than half a bag and no more than three-quarters full.

After the bag was full, I gently squeezed it to get all of the air out and then zipped it closed.

After the bags were filled, I started to lay them on the path area.

I tucked the zipper under the bag first.

Then I laid each one in place giving it a jiggle to make sure the concrete was in all of the corners.

Finally, I smoothed each bag out with my hand making it nice and flat.

To add a little surprise to my path, I grabbed some glow-in-the-dark stones and added them to the edge of the path. I started by splitting each of the edge bags with an x and pulled the pieces back to reveal the concrete mix.

Then, I pushed 3 or 4 stones into the mix.

I left all of the bags to dry overnight and then started peeling all of the plastic off.

To fill in the cracks between the cobblestone, I took scoops of sand and placed them all in between the cracks.

Once I had all of the sand down, I used a broom to spread it out and clean off the excess.

How cool is this amazing pathway with the antique-looking rustic cobblestones? I hope you enjoyed this project as it was fun to make.

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