Country Cabbage Rolls Straight From A Mennonite Kitchen

Yummm, these rolls are unbelievable…one of my favorite meals. The combination of ingredients makes the best Country Cabbage Rolls you’ll ever eat, you all have to give em a try !!
Quick Tip: Serve these cabbage rolls with fresh white bread and homemade applesauce for a truly authentic German experience.

Cabbage roll recipes are a little like cake recipes. . everyone has a little different way of making them. . I wanted to share mine. . more for the handy hint about the cabbage. .but since I’m telling you that secret. .you may as well have the rest. Consider that you will take 2 days to make these. . .plan ahead for family gatherings. . .it is wonderful to pull them out of the refrigerator to warm up.

These Country Cabbage Rolls are one of my favorite meals. My mom used to make them all the time I have continued the tradition with my own family.

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