Crispy Butter Cookies

Whether it’s a bake sale, a friend stopping over to chat, or just an impromptu sweet afternoon snack for the kids, there always seems to be a fitting occasion for baking up some cookies. Of course, as far as cookies go, we don’t think you really need any occasion at all! Cookies are the perfect “just because” dessert and we love to have them around the house whenever we can just in case our sweet tooth needs satisfying… But whatever your reason is for getting out the oven mitts, these cookies will exceed your expectations. They’re crispy and buttery and just sweet enough and we just adore them.

The key to these cookies is using salted butter. The salt gives a nice contrast to their sweetness and their rich butter flavor. Since this is such a simple cookie, it helps to use a high-quality butter so you get as much flavor as you can. The recipe is really just a few basic ingredients, but these cookies shine in their simplicity.

They’re a refrigerator cookie, but you don’t need to mess with a rolling pin or cookie cutters. They’re chilled in logs and then you just slice them up before baking. The dough freezes really well, so you can always throw the second log in the freezer and use it later when the mood strikes! We sometimes like to roll the dough log in sugar before slicing for an extra special touch, but we think they’re pretty special without that step too.

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