DIY Raw Wood Dresser

And then I removed the dust that was left behind with a vacuum and then with a tack cloth.

Then I wiped a coat of poly all over the raw wood to keep the whitewash from soaking into the wood too much.



Notice how much darker the wood gets from just one coat of poly on it!



That’s why I wanted to whitewash it instead of just sealing it.

After the poly was dry, I mixed up some whitewash with some white chalk paint.



Then I got a little bit of whitewash on my paint brush, and brushed it on, staying with the direction of the wood grain.



I worked in really small sections so it didn’t have time to dry or soak into the wood much.

Then I used a lint free rag to wipe it off and spread it out a little more.



I actually used the same rag for the whole dresser.



When I was happy with how the whitewash looked, I wiped the dresser down with a tack cloth and then wiped on 3 more coats of poly.



Each coat of poly dried in 15 minutes or so, so it went really fast!



I used satin poly for the first coats and then the last coat I used a matte poly to decrease the shine.

To finish it up, I added these cute little dark knobs to contrast the light raw wood look.



And to accent the dark stain that I intentionally left in the details.

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