Don’t Confuse These For Calzones, These Meat Pies Are Even Better And Perfect For Fall!

Originating in Cornwall, England, the “pasty” is a British staple that made its way over to the U.S. when Cornish miners settled in Michigan in the 19th century, bringing with them their culinary traditions. Consisting of a meat and veggie-packed pocket, the dough is perfectly buttery and flaky – without being overwhelmingly so – and excellent for an on-the-go lunch or snack.
The key to the dough is to use both butter and shortening (lard is even better); this gives the dough its rich flavor and flakiness, while still keep it sturdy and easy to transport. The result is a portable pocket of comfort food that will warm you up and make you feel at home, no matter where you’re enjoying it…check it out and see for yourself!

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