Don’t have a plunger handy? Check out these 5+ hacks instead

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As necessary as they are in our daily lives, the toilet is a bit of a pain. The bad news is that they can easily get dirty, clog up at the most inconvenient times, and are generally a little gross. It’s time to step up your toilet game and make sure your toilet is cleaner and fresher than ever.

Even if you don’t have a plunger, a few tips will help you learn how to unclog a toilet. Also find out the best way to keep your toilet clean no matter how many people use it regularly. Not to mention, learn how to make your own travel-friendly toilet!

Unblock without piston
Take a roll of plastic wrap from the kitchen, cover the top of your toilet bowl with plastic wrap, and rinse in case you don’t have a plunger. You need to press it when a small air bubble forms in the film. The trapped air forces the shoe to loosen and frees your hoses.

Unclog with a plunger
You may still need extra help unclogging your toilet, even if you have a plunger handy. In these cases, pour half a cup of dish soap down the toilet and let sit for 15 minutes. Add a gallon of hot water to this, then start diving. You should get rid of your clog in no time.

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