Don’t you believe what happens if you spray alcohol on the bed ?

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Excess hair removal
After shaving, observe a touch rubbing alcohol on your armpits and bikini area, take away ingrown hairs and deal with irritation.

bloodless package
Mix water and alcohol in a 2:1 ratio and region in a resealable plastic bag withinside the fridge for an hour. Then use it as an ice pack, or chill your food while you are out and about.

Remove nail polish
it’s miles easy. Do now no longer use chemicals which can damage your nails, however rub it with alcohol and update the chemical acetone.

easy your ears
Do now no longer use cotton swabs to easy the ear, it could seem to easy the ear completely, however it in reality pushes the earwax deeper into the canal. So, you could blend rubbing alcohol with white vinegar, soak a cotton swab on this mixture, then placed it for your ears and the earwax will pop out on its own. Lavender oil. Spray this mixture at the scalp and comb the hair to put off lifeless lice. Aloe vera gel to make a solution.


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