Easy Creamy Homemade Potato Soup

You haven’t gone to the supermarket yet for your weekly or monthly grocery shopping and you want to make your lunch or dinner with what you have in your kitchen. Follow this recipe to make one of the easiest and delicious potato soup you can ever make. This is one of the most comforting food you can ever make.

This soup is not like other regular soups. It is very creamy and broth-y. We call it potato soup but we add other vegetables to add uniqueness to this soup. We add carrots for a yellow creamy color and for the special sweetness they bring to the taste. We also add onions and celery for a flavourful soup. It does not stop here, we also add chicken stock (either homemade or store-bought). This makes it very scrumptious. You can substitute stock with low-sodium store-brought broth that is darker (this means that it is more delicious). You can use either butter or oil in this soup. As far as the texture is concerned, we mix butter with flour to make the soup thick. At the end of cooking, we pour some cream for the creamiest soup ever.

This soup is very simple to prepare. It takes few minutes to put together and you make it in one large pot. So, you will not end up with many dishes to wash. In addition to this, you will not waste a lot of effort to make. The preparation time is about 10 minutes and the cooking time is a maximum of 30 minutes. As a result, in less than an hour you can have your lunch or dinner served. You can serve this soup with bread sticks or any other dish that you like. This potato soup is very tasty and it worth making. For nutrition details, check below.

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