Easy Crockpot Beef Tips & Gravy With Two Ingredients

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Some folks call it Steak Tips and Rice because the meat is typically sirloin cut into chunks.

I always heard this dish called beef tips. My Dad loved Beef Tips & Rice and my Mom would cook it for him from scratch the old fashioned way.

You know how you batter the beef tips in flour then brown them on all sides then drain, then make the gravy, then add the beef tips back in and simmer forever. Yes it is good but it is also time consuming and messy. This easy recipe for beef tips in the Crockpot is just as good without all the fuss.

So I have had at least one person say they didn’t feel like the beef tips had any real flavor so let’s talk about where the flavor comes from in this recipe.

Salt and Pepper, to taste for this recipe. I am typically light handed with the salt because of high blood pressure. There is salt already added to both the beef gravy and the beefy soup mix.

Sometimes a little more pepper may be in order if your crew likes a little ‘bite’ to the flavor.

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