Easy DIY Wooden Lanterns


Start by assembling the legs to the bottom base piece

Now apply wood glue, then clamp

Screw 1” screws in through the bottom base



Add 1×6 topper to the top using wood glue & finishing nails

Next, add 1×4 accent piece to the top center using wood glue & nails.

Use scrap 1×2 pieces for small leg pieces. Attach using wood glue & nails.

Screw the finial into the accent piece on the top.

Finally, it’s time to paint the lantern! I went with flat white but feel free to get crazy with the paint colors or even stain.

As a finishing touch I added moss to the base using a hot glue gun.

That’s it, Easy DIY wooden lanterns!

They are perfect for our outdoor dinners & give off such a romantic glow.

Plus they were super cheap to make!

These ones fit nicely on our DIY outdoor dinning table, but I think I might make some taller ones next!

Let me know what y’all think & where you are gonna put yours!



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