Flaky Butter Pie Crust

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If you find homemade flaky Butter Pie Crust to be intimidating then this is the recipe for you! With only 4 simple ingredients you’ll become a pastry master creating beautiful and delicious homemade pies in no time!
Imagine yourself at Thanksgiving. You know the kind you see in the movies and not the real life version. You’ve eaten yourself silly tasting every single dish on the table, had time to digest it for a few hours, and now it’s time for pie.

No matter what flavor you choose from Apple Crumb Pie to Chocolate Pie or even Key Lime Pie, the one thing that will make or break that pie, is the crust. Is it tough or flaky? It’s it too thick, too thin or just right?

Some people think the pie crust is the hardest part to get right in a homemade pie. I fully disagree. This Butter Pie Crust recipe is easy, flaky just as any crust should be, and oh so tasty!

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