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I loved Katie’s upgraded take Grampa’s on fried bologna and that you must use old school Wonder bread. I appreciated that it uses ordinary ingredients from small town America that I could source. I’ve made this recipe after it was aired in 2019 except the chow chow, reminded me of growing up Farm/Small Town and the old recipes that Mom used to make

I’m hoping a FN producer or Jeff could see this comment: Funny, I don’t identify Chicago as being Midwest, but Metro city. Just a tip, many of folks live in small towns don’t even have a grocery store anymore, a few minutes from their jobs/work. However, many folks do have a gas station with a small store that truly helps in a pinch.

Bologna- Any kind will do. Some people prefer thick, deli-sliced

bologna and others are fine with pre-packaged bologna.

Bread- Fried bologna sandwiches have been traditionally made with white bread, however any bread is fine.

Sliced Cheese




Spray your skillet or heat a small amount of oil on medium-high. While your skillet is heating up prepare your bologna. If you bought bologna from a deli you won’t need to remove the red rim, but if you are using Bar S or Oscar Meyer you will need peel away the red rim and discard it. Spread the mayo or mustard (or dressing of your choice) across your buns, and slice any vegetables you might like to add. Bologna cooks fairly fast so it is best to be prepared before you toss it in the pan.

Once you have removed the red rim toss the bologna in the frying pan. It sizzles like any other sausage. You will soon notice the center is beginning to bubble. As soon as you notice the bubble cut two slits in the center in the shape of an “X.” This will keep the meat from curling up while it is frying. (Some people like to cut the bologna prior to the pan. Some even cut slits along the outer rim.)

Fry the bologna three minutes on each side over medium heat. The perfect piece of fried bologna is slightly charred, which gives it a caramelized taste.

When the bologna is ready, remove it from the pan and place it on a paper towel to absorb the grease. You can even pat the fried bologna down. Then place the bologna on your bun and top it with cheese and add tomato and onion if you like. Grab your favorite chips and sink your teeth into an East Texas sandwich.

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