Gas Cook-Top Cleaning Tips

Methods on How to Clean a Gas Stove Top

Stove cleaning. No matter how much you hate it, this task must be done. I will share how to clean stove burners, how to clean a stove top fast and effectively, and more. I even share how to clean an electric stove top without scratching the surface.

Stove Cleaning

Let me walk you through how to clean a gas stove the right way. If you let gunk and food build up in the grates and burners, they will become a risk to catch on fire.

How To Clean A Stove Top

No matter what type of stove and oven range you have, the biggest thing is to make sure that you wipe up messes as they happen. This will save you a lot of elbow grease later. Nothing is worse than scrubbing away, trying to clean up dried-on food.

How To Clean Gas Stove Tops

Grates and Burners

Ammonia | Remove grates from your stovetop, and place them in a sealable bag or in a bowl or sink. Then fill with hot water, and then add in one cup of ammonia.

You can let these sit overnight, or opt for just a few hours if not super dirty. This will speed up the breakdown process of grease and grime built up on your burners.

Scrub with steel wool to help remove any more debris left on the grates. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to dry before placing back on the stove.

Soap and Water | Or if you want a different method, reach for hot soapy water. Let your grates soak in a sink of water for an hour or two.

I change out the water a few times to try to keep hot water on the grates. Then use a sponge or steel wool and a toothpick to pick at small areas.

Bar Keepers Cleaner | Lastly you can buy over the counter Bar Keepers Friends and follow the directions on the package as to how to clean the grates.

I prefer the liquid version for cleaning stove grates. But there is also a powder Bar Keepers Cleaner available.

gloved hand holding a scouring pad and cleaning the grate of a green gas stove top to show how to clean a gas stovetop

How To Clean The Stovetop

Vacuum | Grab an extension to your vacuum and use it to suck up any small crumbs that you find on your range. This is a lot easier than using a cloth.

Baking Soda and Water | Make a paste with baking soda and water and apply it to the areas that have stuck on gunk.

Let it sit for 10 minutes, and then use a sponge or plastic scraper to work on removing any leftover stuck-on food.

Hydrogen Peroxide And Baking Soda | This is another paste that is great if you have stuck on messes. In a bowl make a paste, I prefer it to be a bit thicker.

Then slather on and let sit for 15 minutes. Then just like the baking soda and water, work your way through the mess.

Stovetop Cleaner | Once I use one of those methods, I use Weimen Stovetop Cleaner. I spray it all over the areas of the stove and let it sit a minute.

Then use a soft cloth and wipe down anything left on the stovetop.

Learn How To Clean A Glass Top Stove Top

A lot of stainless steel stoves nowadays have glass stovetops. These have a little less maintenance in terms of parts that have to be cleaned.

Let me walk you through how I clean a glass top stove top.

Start by using a plastic scraper and work over your glass stove top and remove any debris. Make sure that it is plastic and will not scratch the glass.

Then make a baking soda and water paste and apply all over the stove top and let it sit 10 minutes.

Next use with a wet cloth to wipe away all the residue.

Use soapy water and dip a cloth and give it one more clean.

Finally, use an all-purpose cleaner or glass cleaner for a subtle shiny finish.

More Stove Top Care Tips

How do you get burnt on grease off a stove top?

No matter what type of stove you own, wipe the area down with a damp cloth. Then add a layer of baking soda to the burnt grease, and let it sit 5-8 minutes. Then scrub the area with a sponge or cloth.

If that doesn’t work mix 1 part water to 1 part lemon juice and a drop of Dawn dish soap, mix up and pour into a spray bottle. Then spritz over the area with the grease.

Let sit and then after about five minutes work on wiping the area down with a sponge.

If there is an exceptionally tricky mess stuck on the stove top, you can very carefully use a razor blade to work the mess off of the stove. Take care in not scratching the stove, and use this method as a last resort.

collage of gloved hand holding a scouring pad and cleaning a green gas stove top in the top photo. The bottom photo is a close up of a baking soda and water paste cleaning solution on the stovetop. In between the two photos are the words, 'how to clean gas stove tops'

How do you clean a greasy gas stove top?

Simply start by cleaning your grates in soap and water, and then use the baking soda and water mixture listed above. Let it soak for about 20 minutes and with a soft cloth, wipe it down. Use warm water for rinsing the cloth.

You can also use a scouring pad on the grates.

How do I clean my stove top naturally?

You will find many ways to clean your stove top naturally. Vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, all are great options.

Salt is another great item to use to work over stuck-on messes to break it away when you massage onto the mess. You can also buy natural cleaners for stove tops. Use a damp cloth to wipe up the mess.

It is possible to deep clean with natural cleaners.

Can you buff out scratches on glass topped stove?

Glass topped stoves can be tricky, but you can buff out scratches at times. Grab some baking soda and water and create a past. Then use that to apply to the scratch.

Buff until you notice the scratch is being more minimal. Make sure you use a lint-free, soft cloth.

This doesn’t always work, but it should work on smaller scratches.

Then, use a microfiber cloth and stove cleaner to give the glass surface a nice shine.

gloved hand holding a scouring pad and cleaning the grate of a green gas stove top

What cleaning products should you keep in your cleaning supply closet?

There are a lot of useful cleaning supplies to keep in your cleaning supply closet, but these are some that are versatile and work for many household cleaning jobs.

Baking soda and vinegar | Baking soda and vinegar have many uses in your kitchen, both when it comes to cooking and when it comes to cleaning. Keep this handy tool on hand.

Laundry detergent | While this might seem odd to have on a list about how to clean your stove top, you also need to have laundry detergent on hand to clean up all the messes on your sponges and cleaning cloths.

All purpose cleaner | An multi-surface cleaner is a wise investment because it can be used to clean a variety of household surfaces.

Glass cleaner | The one exception to using an all-purpose cleaner is on glass. For glass, I’d suggest that you always use a store-bought glass cleaner or a homemade glass cleaner.

Stove top cleaner | I highly prefer Weiman’s Stovetop Cleaner. It has worked for me for years on a glasstop stove and I swear by it.

Bar Keepers Friend | If you haven’t tried Bar Keepers Friend, you really should. I recently purchased this to clean the inner pot of my Instant Pot, and it made the pot shine, without any scrubbing.

Steel wool | I love using steel wool for those more difficult stuck-on messes. Sometimes the combination of a little elbow grease and steel wool are exactly what is needed.

Cleaning gloves | Do your hands a favor and keep a couple pairs of cleaning gloves around.

There is nothing worse for your hands than harsh chemicals and/or soaking them in a sink full of dishes. The gloves I’ve linked to are more attractive than the standard issue kitchen gloves.

Scouring pad and sponge | An essential cleaning product in every household is a scouring pad and sponge. The two sided version of this product is my favorite.

Cleaning cloths | There are many kinds of cleaning cloths and everyone has their preference. I prefer to use flour sack towels for cleaning for a couple of reasons. First, they are very absorbent. And secondly, they work great for cleaning windows without leaving any streaks.

Microfiber towels | Another useful cloth for cleaning is a microfiber towel. Along the same line as the flour sack towels, microfiber towels are super absorbent and provide streak-free cleaning.

collage of gloved hand holding a scouring pad and cleaning a green gas stove top with the words, 'how to clean rv gas stovetops'

How to Clean RV Stovetops

Cleaning an RV gas stovetop is much like cleaning a gas stove at home, except you’re likely working with a smaller surface. However, just because there is a smaller surface does not mean that it is any less messy.

There are 4 simple steps to clean an RV stove top:

  1. Assuming the stove is gas, remove the grates or burners and clean them with Bar Keepers Friend and a scouring pad. This can be done outside (and rinsed with a hose) if you have a grate that fits over your entire stove and is too big to fit in your RV’s sink.
  2. Make a paste with baking soda and water and scrub the stovetop with it. Wipe it off with a microfiber or flour sack towel, to get all the grime and cleaning solution off the stove.
  3. Next, spray a multi-purpose cleaning spray on the stovetop and then wipe clean.
  4. Put the grate back on and enjoy your spotless RV stove.