Glazing Furniture

I recently found a beautiful bed with so many details. Unfortunately it was so dark they were unnoticeable. A little paint and glaze was the trick to making it one of a kind!

Cleaning is the first and most important!Because this bed was so dark you did not notice all the dust hidden in the grooves. For ultimate results.. it’s important to clean thoroughly with TSP. I then wipe clean any residue with a rag and clean water.

PrimeSince this bed had a very shiny surface I went ahead and used Sherwin-Williams extreme Bond primer. It’s almost like glue for paint. Even though I planned on using a chalk style paint…I didn’t want to distress so I wanted to make sure the paint stuck really well.

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Paint!I used two different colors of paint. One being my favorite called Dove Gray Retique It brand by Renaissance. And the other was Old White by Annie Sloan that I had left over from another project. I didn’t worry about being too neat because I knew once I glazed it would all blend and you wouldn’t see the lines between the colors.

Seal the paint.This is very important when glazing. Make sure you seal after you paint.That way you can wipe off the extra glaze and it won’t stain your original paint.

I find it really easy to use a sponge when applying polyacrylic. I’m able to get it into all the nooks and crannies without putting on too much.

(Note: my example is on a different piece so I could show close up)

Making GlazeThere are many ways to make glaze. You can buy a glaze medium and add your own paint, or even use a water based stain.this time I went ahead and used some black paint I had on hand and added a little bit of floetrol. It works perfect because it doesn’t dry too fast. Also you can make any amount that you need. I probably used a quarter cup of paint to about 2 tablespoons of floetrol. Your consistency is personal preference.

Applying glazeWith a small brush I went ahead and brushed on the glaze getting into all the’s easier if you do small sections at a time.

Wipe off the extra glazeAfter you apply the glaze have a damp rag or maybe even a baby wipe ready. Wipe off any extra glaze until you are happy with the look, leaving some behind in all of the crevices.

Finished!After your glaze dries you can go ahead and apply another coat of sealer if you want.

I love the way this looks! Where it was once dark and dated… It is now a one-of-a-kind bed.