Hamburger Supreme Casserole

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There are the time-consuming casseroles that are completely homemade, and there are the casseroles that take a few basic ingredients and quickly combine them in a way that makes them even better, even more comforting. This Hamburger Supreme Casserole is one of the latter, the type of comfort food casserole that families have turned to for decades when they want something easy and delicious. It’s humble, but it still hits the spot.

This is a hearty dish – it has macaroni and ground beef, tender canned mushrooms and lots of melting cheddar cheese, all in a creamy, flavorful base.

Since the cream of mushroom soup is the main source of creaminess in this dish, there is no need to prepare a sauce. Simply brown the ground beef and onions, then stir in the mushrooms, soup and a little milk. It’s a quick and convenient sauce, but more importantly, it’s really delicious!

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