Hashbrown Beef Bake

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A make-ahead and freezer friendly Hashbrown Beef Bake Recipe – perfect for the meat and potato lovers in your life!
Sometimes a recipe comes to be and it’s just everything. This recipe in particular is seriously popular and it is always number one on our lists. At first I wondered, why?! But I can see that it’s because it’s super easy, frugal friendly, and I don’t know any kiddo that doesn’t love it. So it’s basically a parent’s dream dish.

This Hashbrown Beef Bake is the ultimate meat and potatoes dish!

If you’re a fan of the hash brown casserole at Cracker Barrel and you like meat and potatoes, this recipe is definitely going to become a new favorite in your house. The creamy, cheesy mixture bakes up to a golden brown. It’s so simple and straight-forward, you can prep and serve in under an hour. This casserole and a green salad are all that you need to give your family a nutritious and balanced meal. By using frozen hash, you’re saving valuable time. Although we use pepper Jack cheese, any shredded cheese you have at hand will go beautifully with the recipe.

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