Hiding Pool Equipment

hiding pool equipment

Before with only the Sun Shade Sail Canopy.We had added a Sun Shade Sail Canopy that releases from the fence so the guys can clean the filter.

Old screens when we replaced all of the windows.I leaned all of the 1939 window screens against the walkway behind the backyard. I wanted to save them when.. I could come up with an idea on how to use them.

Frames after I removed the screens.I used a razor blade to remove the screens from the inside of the frames. I didn’t dare try to take the frames apart.

Added Slats.I used slats saved from an old door. I placed them where I would have enough for both frames. I used E6000 glue with a toothpick to glue the slats to the frame. Mr. also added stability with a brad gun.


Painted to match Fence.I sanded and painted the finished frame with the same yellow as on the fence.

View from the PorchMr. found some old hinges in the garage and joined the two frames together. He attached the frames to the side of the post that hold up the Sun Shade Sail Canopy. I dug out the grass underneath and added old bricks to help keep it level and stable. I also added a flower pot in front and back of the frames for stability and to help hide the equipment. I’ll hang some plants from the top too. The little sign attached to the frame says ‘No Diving’🌴

This project didn’t cost a dime, just time, because we had everything! The Sun Shade Sail Canopy is from Amazon $48.77 including hardware and the post and concrete is from Home Depot.

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