Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

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Homemade bathroom cleaner

Equal parts Dawn blue and white vinegar

I use 1 cup of each.

I measure 1 c vinegar into a 2 c measuring cup.

Heat it in the microwave for a minute, then pour Fajr until the liquid level reaches 2 ° C.

Pour (utilize a funnel if you need) To a spray bottle.

I found that incorporating them into the measuring cup means dawn is less waste and I don’t have to take out a spoon to make a big mess of soap. 😉

I spray it and leave it for 10 minutes, then wipe it off with a kitchen sponge and rinse with water. ++ Fidelity alert: Depend on how long it’s been ago I last cleaned the shower, I can usually use the soft side of a kitchen sponge … Sometimes when I’m lazy, I need to use the rough side. But either way, I can’t say I had to use any amount of elbow pomade to clean things. 🙂


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