Homemade Pecan Praline Cake

A light brown sugar bundt cake covered with pourable praline frosting is a Praline Bundt Cake. It is as tasty as you imagine it would be. Maybe much more!

Any sweets don’t even need a big introduction to entice you or a lot of descriptive terms. I feel like this cake’s pictures are more than enough.

And, truly, they just aren’t words that are good enough to describe perfection. I mean, don’t get bored of SOFTEST, FLUFFIEST, AND ALL THE DELICIOUSNESS hearing, I kinda do!!!!


The Praline Cream Cheese Filling:

– 4 C.Of powdered sugar.

– 1/2 C.Of -finely chopped- pecans.

– 1/2 C.Of softened butter.

– 1 Container.Of “Philadelphia Cream-Cheese”

– 3 TSP.Of vanilla flavor.


– 1+1/2 C.Of of pecan pieces.

– 1+1/2 C.Of evaporated milk.

– 2 C.Of White Sugar.

– 1 stick Of butter.

– 1 TSP.Of vanilla flavor.

– A large can of evaporated milk to thin.


Step 1- Mix cream cheese and butter together with a mixer until creamy.

Step 2- Add in the vanilla extract, and powdered sugar, stirring well after the addition of each cup, then beat at low speed using your electric mixer

Step 3- Add in the pecans. Let it cool off before frosting the cake