How to Empty and Clean Out Your Washer’s Drain Pump Filter

 Fortunately, all of these issues are easy to prevent.  Simply follow these guidelines:

1. Locate your drain pump filter.  It is often concealed by a small door on the lower half of the front of front load washers.

2.  Open the cover/lid to the filter area.

3.  Prepare to drain the access water from the washer.  To prepare for this step, place a container under the area where you will be removing the filter.  Also, keep a towel or paper towels handy to wipe up excess water that escapes.  My washer is on a stand, so the filter is high enough off the ground that I can drain water into a tall bucket.  If your washer is not on a stand, use a shallow baking dish or other shallow container to catch the water.

4.  Drain the water.  Each washer has a slightly different procedure for draining excess water.  On my Kenmore, I have a capped hose that is used to drain the water.  To do so, I unclip the hose and turn it downward toward my bucket.

Once your hose is pointed so water will pour into your container, remove the plastic cap on the hose; however, make sure to keep that cap in your hand.  Should the water get close to the top of your container, you will need to recap the tube, empty your container, and then repeat until the washer is empty.  It is normal to drain about a quart of water from the bottom of the washer during this process.

Replace the hose cap and return the hose to its original clipped position.

(For other washer models I researched, a drain tube may not be present.  Instead, your washer may have a pour spout you flip down inside the door.  Then, you simply loosen the drain pump filter slowly until water starts pouring out.  The water will pour down the pour spout and into your bucket.)

5.  Slowly turn the drain pump filter counter clockwise, while holding a towel or paper towel underneath to catch water which may dribble out.

Once you have unscrewed it, pull the filter straight out toward you.

6.  Pull solid materials (pocket goodies) out of the filter and then rinse it clean in the sink.

7.  Replace the filter by screwing it clockwise into its original position, close your filter door, and you are ready to wash again!

I would like to thank my very home savvy brother for teaching me how to clean my washer’s drain pump filter!  Thank you!

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