How to Paint & Stencil a Tile Floor

The paint for the stenciling is the same brand but tinted to Sherwin Williams Peppercorn. You can find the stencil I used by clicking here. A foam roller was used to apply the stencil. The most important tip for this process is to not overload your roller! I loaded the roller with paint then dabbed most of it off before stenciling.

If you do have any bleed through, just take a tiny brush and make touch ups with your base color.

This paint is supposed to be extremely durable and doesn’t require a top coat. I still have some edging to fix around the baseboards and some more touch ups but I’m so happy with how these stenciled floors turned out! The power of paint is truly remarkable.

FYI- The instructions on the paint can say that it isn’t required to use a sealer. I didn’t use one since this is a half bath and the floors are never wet. They have held up great and it has been three years with no issues. If your floors will be in contact with water, I recommend using a sealer at the end.



I love how these turned out! Is this a project that you might tackle in your own home?

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