Impossible Ham And Swiss Pie

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While we’ve tried our hand at several impossible pie desserts, we had yet to try out a savory one. Typically an impossible pie is a one-batter recipe that separates while cooking and turns into 2-3 distinct layers upon being baked, and this recipe is no different. Most similar to a crustless quiche, this is just one batter that gets poured over your ham, cheese and onion, then turns into a light and puffy, eggy filling layer and a perfectly browned, crispy top layer. This dish is perfect at any time of day, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If the name wasn’t enough info, we’ll break down the ingredient list for you. Diced ham and Swiss cheese are the focal points here, naturally, with a hearty dose of onion, which sweetens as it cooks, and provides good texture and a little bite to the overall dish. Then we’ve got our liquid mixture with eggs, milk and biscuit mix, along with some extra seasonings for lots of flavor.

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