Kitchen Cabinet Refresh

I’ve always dreamed of having a white kitchen! When we moved into our first home after getting married, we focused on updating the carpets and painting the rooms. I never thought this day would come! Somehow, I convinced my husband we could this! It was either pay $7,000 for someone else to paint the cabinets or do it ourselves during this quarantine! We opted to save the major change! And maybe we’ll be able to use the saved funds and go on a vacation in the future… or whenever this all ends! The first step is to pick a paint color that matches your walls and counter. We thought a white color would look best with our granite counter and compliment our blue walls. I love white colors that have a warm, creaminess to them! A cool white has tones of gray in it so we wanted to make sure we didn’t pick that and then our cabinets would look gray instead of white. It’s tricky with some colors of paint! It’s best to use an Interior Enamel paint in a Satin Finish to paint cabinets. Then, they can be easily wiped clean. We used Behr’s Nano White shade.

kitchen cabinet refresh



Part 1: Prep WorkStep 1: Clean cabinets and areas to painted with a degreasing spray. We used Krud Kutter Cleaner/Degreaser because it’s Earth friendly and also because we have a dog. Don’t skip this step! It really helps the paint stick.

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