Light Up Cinder Block Present

Make your own inexpensive, and fully customizable, DIY outdoor present perfect for lighting up the porch, using cinder blocks, ribbon, paint, lights and glue. They stand up well to cold and wet weathers. Here is a step by step tutorial, lets get started!

easy diy holiday rustic decor idea
Cinder Block

You’ll need an 8x8x8 cinder block although you could use any size.

Tools and Materials

Supplies needed:

  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Lights 20 count
  • Spray Paint (Satin Heirloom White)
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard
  • Wire
  • And the cinder block I mentioned above
Cut the Cardboard
Cut the CardboardCut the cardboard to fit the top of cinder block leaving a little extra to cover the edges. 

Poke Lights Through
Poke Lights ThroughThen you will want to poke the lights into the cardboard making a circle. You will want to remember to leave the center with no lights because that’s where we will glue the bow. 

Paint the Cinder Block
Paint the Cinder BlockI then sprayed the block and cardboard with the satin heirloom white. You could use whatever color you wanted. 

Glue Lights In
Glue Lights InNext I put the lights in the holes and glued them in. I started on the side where the plug is where I used the notch in the cinder block to hide the light cord. 

DIY Cinder Block Light

Make sure to start where the cord can run in this space

Cover Cord with Ribbon
Cover Cord with RibbonNext I cut the ribbon to cover the cord and go around the middle of the block 

Add Ribbon

Once I am happy with my ribbon around and how the lights are set, I get ready to make my bow.

Form the Bow
Form the BowI start by making a loop as my center to make the bow. Then I twisted and formed loops all the way around. I used ribbon wire so it makes it hold its shape and stay popped up. 

DIY Burlap Bow

Here is my bow I made. I used the wire that was around the lights in the box. You want to make sure to wire it real tight, then cut and tuck it under so no one can see it.

Glue Bow to Cinder Block
Glue Bow to the Cinder BlockAdd a decent amount of glue on the cardboard where you will be placing your bow. 

DIY Cinder Block Bow

When you attach your bow you will want to hold it down for a minute or so, allowing the glue to fully dry.

DIY Cinder Block Light Fixture

There you have it a shabby chic cinder block present. This cute craft can be used in or outside and is a great addition to your holiday décor.

DIY Light Up Cinder Block Gift

The cinder block looks fabulous in any space. Make one today with supplies you have laying around..





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