Mama Dee’s Never Fail Creamy Fudge

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This easy homemade fudge is creamy, rich, and SO delicious, and it comes together in less than 15 minutes with tons of add-in options!

Over the years, I’ve mentioned a time or two (or 12) that I don’t really like fudge. Kind of weird, I know.

As a lover of ALL THINGS chocolate, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and some of you have questioned my sanity (don’t worry, you aren’t the first person to do that). I’ve done a lot of soul-searching over the years, and I think I’ve realized my “meh-ness” about fudge is because it is often so sugary sweet, it detracts from the fact that I’m eating something chocolate!

And if I’m going to have chocolate, I want it to be dark, decadent…and worth it. Fudge has rarely been worth it over the years.

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