Meatloaf Muffin Cups

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This is the perfect way to make your meatloaf a little more elegant and refined. Is that possible with meatloaf? The name kind of kills any chance at sophistication, doesn’t it? How about…… Hmmmm. Nope. Can’t think of another name for it.

But it sure is tasty. I make these turkey meatloaf cupcakes every year for April Fools Day. My kids think that its hilarious to have cupcakes for dinner, only to find out(to their delight, of course) that those cupcakes are made of a savory turkey meatloaf and the frosting is actually mashed potatoes.

These meatloaf cupcakes(or muffins, if you’re not too keen on mashed potatoes) start with a ground turkey meatloaf base, loaded up with carrots, onions, parsley. They are glazed with a sweet ketchup sauce and then baked. After they are done they can be topped with a piping of whipped mashed potatoes and a garnish of parsley.

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