Mexican Taco Lasagna

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This recipe is a blend of two amazing styles of cooking, introducing the Mexican Taco Lasagna. Layers of taco fillings into one large Lasagna for the family to enjoy. It is also perfect for meal prep so you don’t have to worry about dinner for a few days. Change up Taco Tuesday with a spicy and delicious Lasagna.

There are hundreds of different types of salsa. Everything from green (tomatillo) to red (traditional) salsa. This ingredient is really up to you. Depending on how spicy you want your dish and want flavor profile you want to add. Since you are already including diced tomatoes we would recommend using a salsa that is not too chunky. A great salsa is one that has a slightly smoky flavor from the charred or grilled peppers. It will turn your dinner into a whole new experience.

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