Million Dollar Pie

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“A delicious, sinfully creamy dessert that makes them cry for more!!!”

This is the best pie I ever had and everyone else I tryed it on just loved it. The only change I made was 8oz of whipped cream instead of 16oz., it just seemed like too much filling for the pie crust and I was afraid it wouldnt have a good full flavor.

I made this for a Christmas meal dessert for my family this year! It made a nice, tall slice of pie! People were going back for seconds, and told me that from now on, whenever we get together, I have to make and bring this pie! Total crowd pleaser (and I have a tough crowd!)

This is the recipe my mother has been making for the last 22 years. But instead of lemon juice we use 1 small frozen lemonade concentrate that’s had a chance to soften on the counter.

The Million Dollar Pie recipe has been around for a long time. Depending on how old you are it may have been your mother who reminisced about her grandmother who made this easy no bake pie recipe when she was a child.

om’s broccoli casserole, my sister’s hash brown potatoes, and my Mamaw B’s Million Dollar Pie. I’m not quite sure where this recipe originated, but every time I think about it, I can’t help but remember Mamaw and her infectious smile. That’s what’s really special about family traditions and recipes, right? The sweet memories!

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