Millionaire Magic Bars

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One of my fondest childhood food memories is of my mom’s Magic Cookie Bars (you might know them as Seven Layer Bars), so when I ran across these Millionaire Magic Bars, I just had to make them. They take everything that makes a Magic Cookie Bar great – layers of melty chocolate, a nutty crunch, chewy coconut – but up the ante with a delicate shortbread base and an even gooier texture. They’re every bit as amazing as they sound, and they happen to be pretty easy to make.

Unlike the regular Magic Cookies Bars I’m used to, these start with a quick and easy shortbread dough and not graham cracker crumbs. That means the base has more of a buttery crumble and is a bit sturdier, and it totally works. You just mix up the dough, transfer it to your pan, and then you’ll want to line it with some plastic wrap before pressing it into an even layer.

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