Mini Baked Parmesan Potato Rounds

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Another great appetizer are these mini baked Parmesan potato rounds. These tasty little potatoes are covered in Parmesan cheese, seasoned with garlic salt and pepper, baked until fork tender and then served up with a favorite sauce, like ranch dressing or some delicious nacho cheese.

An easy recipe that tastes great, simple to make, one that everyone will enjoy and a perfect recipe to serve during the Super Bowl. These are also great served for breakfast as well.

Basically, just cut the mini potatoes into thin slices, toss in a little oil, then add to the cheese mixture, shake to coat, place in a single layer on a couple of baking sheets, pop in the oven and bake until fork tender. Then enjoy by dipping these mini baked Parmesan potato rounds in your favorite dipping sauce.

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