Mushroom Swiss Pasta

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This mushroom swiss pasta is a mouthful, quite literally! It is a light and refreshing (the sauce is not heavy and thick like you may be used to!) version of a traditionally heavy hamburger-helper type dish that will leave you begging for more! It is based on a Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburger but is a creamy dreamy delicate version that will have you thinking gourmet! Don’t miss my Cheeseburger Pasta if you love this dish!

The idea for this Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburger Pasta came from a combination of crazy recipes I was determined to make. After ordering a Cheeseburger at a local bar I decided that I wanted to make that into a pasta. I took the basic components of a cheeseburger, created my own unique cheese sauce and presto, I developed a cheeseburger pasta.

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