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No-Bake Cherry Yum Yum is a layered dessert of sweetened graham cracker crumbs, cream cheese cherry pie filling and fresh whipped cream!

I made a NO BAKE APPLE YUM YUM a while back and we all loved it. But my favorite flavor is always cherry so I just had to make a cherry version. It couldn’t be simpler. Whether you don’t feel like baking or it’s too hot to turn on the oven – this is a perfect dessert!

Start by crushing your graham crackers into crumbs. I put about 10 graham cracker sheets into a ziploc bag then pounded them with a heavy object (like a rolling pin or flat meat tenderizer.) You need enough to make 1 ½ cups in crumbs. In a medium bowl, combine melted butter with graham cracker crumbs. Set aside 2 tbsp. of the crumbs (we’ll use that for the topping.)

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