No bake Chocolate Eclair Cake

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Don’t have any idea of who we are? Well, you can call us Coconut and chocolate fans! This German recipe chocolate is the best ever you can ever get on the planet. It is the easiest of them all and as a matter of fact you can actually say that it is the best recipe on the planet!

One thing about German chocolates is that they are the best. You can’t resist having a bite each time you came across them. So talking of making the German chocolate recipe, there are so many methods to do that. But the one that I love the most is the one I am going to give you below.

So who invented the German chocolate cake?

One surprising fact about this cake is that it isn’t from German at all. A baker by the name of Samuel German actually developed this chocolate bar while was an employee at Bakers chocolate. This bar has a 46% cocoa flavor and for this reason, the original German chocolate using it is little flavored.

Are you able to make the German cake Earlier?

Why not? If you are the type of person who is an early riser, you can make the cake a day earlier. By the time that day that you need it arrives, it will be a lot easier for you to handle it.

Frosting can also be made a little bit earlier too. First, remove the frost from the fridge, about an hour earlier before frosting your cake. With this timing, it allows them to come into room temperature thus giving you an easier time to frost them.

After frosting them, you will need to refrigerate them for 24 hours. Please note that some cakes take more hours or even less. So be sure to check them around that 22 to 26 hour period.

One thing about this cake is it is so sweet. When you have the first taste, it leaves you craving for more. Its one of the best cake flavors in the World now.

For best results, Here is what to do. Refrigerate your cake 24 hours before serving. Those crackers will come out so smooth,and you will be able to enjoy your cake. When it comes to icing, please use a half of cocoa powder in place of chocolate. This is only in place of chocolate but for other ingredients, do not change them. In a mixture of powdered sugar and cocoa, add melted butter and then stir with milk. Finally, add vanilla and syrup.

After making this recipe, you will testify that its really tasty. It is the sweetest recipe you can ever make. This is for the fact that it is so easy to make and requires fewer ingredients to come up with the German cake.

This recipe can be taken at any place. Lets say for example at a party. Parties such as get together, birthdays, Christmas among other parties are so important. Having the German chocolate at one of these festivals not only gives you the upper hand but also spices up the celebration giving you a taste of life.

Another idea I can give you about this cake is that you can surprise your girlfriend at her birthday party. Believe me, she will not like it, she will love it so much.

Here are some of the reviews made by clients on this cake;

This cake is so easy and amazing to make. It is also the sweetest cake ever,

Am so glad to see this good looking and easy step by step recipe here. I have made this over the years now and its so popular. It doesn’t matter whether you use whole milk or skim. It always turns out to be great. I don’t need to butter the pan, though the crackers do not stick to the pan. Thank you for posting this favorite!

Thank you for posting this recipe. I have made it for many years now and it is always on point. One thing is I can make it as many times as I can. This is a dessert that I can’t resist making one more time. This is the dish that I don’t want to get exhausted in my fridge!

This is so incredible. It is so easy to make and delicious too. I just cant believe it. I have just made twice and it have received rare by good review from my guests. The second time I made this cake I used Vanilla pudding and I added some vanilla extract to the fill and it came out better than I expected. I really love that chocolate gaze on this. For sure, it tastes like an Éclair and it is very simple to make. I also can these ingredients in my sight as I will be busy consuming all of it.

One thing about me is that I love making food for people, This is especially for my guest, If I feel that you have done something good for me, then I can resist making one or two cakes for you. Now imagine if I will bring this cake for you? It is something that I often do.

When I was living I Madison, I had very good neighbors around there. We took care of each other. The most amazing part of it id that we used to deliver meals to people our own. This is after they welcomed a baby one. One thing about having a baby is that you just don’t feel like delivering meals.But in these case, they really helped out.

With all the review and methods I have given you, are now good to make your own German cake. From what you have seen, it is the simplest cake you can ever make. All you need is a few ingredients here and there and you are good to go. Do not forget to give it ample time. Also you can make it a day earlier if you are going to have limited time. With these ideas in mind, you are ready to make your own German chocolate cake!



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