No Bake Oreo Pie

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Easy to make no bake oreo pie with oreo crust! Gluten free option available and it’s only 8 ingredients. People LOVE this oreo pie!

Everyone who had a piece of this no bake oreo pie could not get enough. The only question was “can I have some milk?” not “next time can you make this with less oreos?”

I mean, they are America’s favorite cookie for a reason!

You will need 2 packages of oreos to make this easy no bake oreo pie recipe. No judgement, okay?

1 entire package is used to make the oreo crumb crust, then you’ll need to use 12 oreos from the second package for the filling, plus more oreos for the top of the pie. Lots of oreos for the top of the pie!

Crust: 1 package oreos (exactly 36 ha – both Oreo brand and generic store brand seem to have 36 in one package, so buy whichever is cheaper!) plus 1 stick of melted butter. Paula Deen would approve.

Filling: 2 packages of cream cheese (softened), 1 cup powdered sugar, vanilla extract, 12 crushed oreos, and 1 standard container of cool whip.

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