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My family also loves to pair this up with vanilla ice cream, If you are one to worry about calories and fat content this recipe isn’t for you, enjoy life!

Texas-size peanut butter flavor makes this super-sized iced sheet cake popular! Serving 15 to 20, it will be a hit at your next buffet or family picnic. Attention, peanut butter lovers! This moist cake has peanut butter baked inside the cake and mixed into the icing… plus a sprinkling of peanuts on top!
If my name were, say, Peanut Butter Texas Sheet Cake, and we were playing that game, four truths and a lie, this is what I would tell you about myself (you decide which are truths and which is the lie):

Texas Sheet Cake made with peanut butter instead of chocolate! Wonderfully moist with a delicious peanut butter frosting!

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