Pecan Pie Cobbler

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Pastries of Pillsbury® refrigerated pie crusts separated by pecans, sugar and corn syrup mixture turn into a delicious pie cobbler – perfect for baked dessert.
After just one bite of Dixie’s Pecan Pie Cobbler, you will be hooked! I was! Our annual family reunion got a whole lot better once I had a taste of this delicious cobbler. Cobblers have always been my favorite desserts and Pecan Pie Cobbler takes pecan pie to a whole new level. Pecan Pie Cobbler is one of the best desserts that I have ever had! An easy to make dessert that tastes like pecan pie with a cobbler crust on top. It creates an amazing caramel sauce as it bakes! Oh boy! Have I got an amazing fall dessert for you. Stop everything that you are doing and run to the store and make this incredible dessert for your family. I spotted this dessert in a Taste of Home magazine, and being so obsessed with Pecan Pie, I knew that I had to try it! We were completely blown away with all that this dessert had to offer. It has everything that you love about a pecan pie with a buttery cobbler crust on top. And then, it gets better!! It creates this magical caramel sauce as it bakes making it the ultimate fall dessert. This Pecan Pie Cobbler transforms traditional pecan pie into a heavenly cobbler, and there’s noting wrong with that! Move over Pecan Pie there’s a new kid in town! This Pecan Pie Cobbler recipe packs pecans in every moist, delicious bite. It is very similar to a pecan pie cobbler dump cake, but by making the topping from scratch instead of a cake mix, I’ve found, possibly, an even better balance of sweetness and texture! The topping is a lot cake-ier and not quite as crunchy. I’m telling you- this one is over the top ah-mazing!! Pecan Cobbler. This easy to make cobbler dessert has the rich flavors of a pecan pie. Plus it also has a cake like topping, and a caramel sauce that is made underneath as it bakes! This is sure to become a new family tradition!

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