Pumpkin Empanadas (Mini Hand Pies)

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The portable version of pumpkin pie you never knew you needed is sweet and earthy, with just the right amount of spice and flaky pastry. These pumpkin empanadas are mini hand pies perfect for mess free snacking this fall.

Fall now seems to be represented by pumpkin spice everything, but what about the pumpkin itself? As the original reason for the seasoning blend, shouldn’t the squash have a chance to shine? Now it does! These cute pumpkin hand pies truly highlight the vegetable in a sweet form and its amazing contrast to the flaky pastry.

Pumpkin is delicious and nutritious so it’s hard not to love. I can’t get enough of all those earthy spices warming the house with peaceful pumpkin aromatherapy.

I decided my inaugural pumpkin bake would be pumpkin hand pies.

I’m a hand pie fanatic because I love pie and I love small, cute things.

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