roasted chicken

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This roasted chicken is coated in a garlic and herb butter, then cooked to golden brown perfection. My roast chicken is tender and juicy and it comes out perfect every time!

There’s nothing more satisfying than a whole roasted chicken – it feeds a crowd, looks impressive and tastes amazing. Serve your roast chicken with loaded corn casserole and zucchini gratin for a complete meal.

How To Brown Chicken
On the other hand, your chicken may not be browning correctly in the oven. Don’t fear! Brush it with a little more olive oil or baste it with the juices in the pan to help it brown up nicely. If you’re still struggling with browning the skin, broil the bird for a couple of minutes before you pull it out to rest. Make sure you watch it closely if you do this though, it will brown quickly!

1 recipe chicken brine optional but highly recommended
5 lb whole chicken
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
2 sprigs fresh thyme
1 onion peeled and quartered
1 lemon quartered
6 tablespoons butter softened
2 teaspoons minced garlic
2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves minced
2 teaspoons fresh rosemary leaves minced
1 tablespoon fresh parsley leaves minced
salt and pepper to taste go easy on the salt if you’ve brined your chicken

Brine the chicken according to recipe directions. Pat the chicken dry with paper towels after it’s done brining.
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
Tuck the chicken wings underneath the breast. Stuff the chicken cavity with the rosemary and thyme sprigs, onion and lemon.
Tie the chicken legs together with kitchen twine.
Place the butter, garlic, minced thyme, rosemary and parsley, and salt and pepper in a bowl. Stir to combine.
Loosen the skin of the chicken breast. Rub the butter mixture all over the chicken, both on the outside of the chicken and underneath the skin.
Place the chicken in a roasting pan. Cook for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes or until a thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh registers 165 degrees F.
Check on your chicken every 20 minutes – if the skin is getting overly dark, cover the chicken with foil.
Let the chicken rest for 10 minutes before carving. Serve with pan drippings.

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