Roasted Parmesan Creamed Onions

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There’s a million and one ways to cook an onion, all of which bring out the natural goodness of this vegetable. Onions are already packed with great flavor, but roasting them brings out the natural sugars. As they bake, the begin to caramelize, releasing an irresistible sweetness that’s almost savory. Now, to make the onions become something even more special, we top them with a cream sauce (heavy cream, a little butter, and some seasonings), pour it over the top and bake. The sweetness of the onion combined with a savory cream sauce is a match made in food heaven.

Roasting onions takes away some of that oniony bite and turns it into a savory sweetness that goes well with just about any protein you can think of, like roasted chicken, or pork; this is a side dish that is sure to compliment the main meal. An added benefit here is that adding a cheesy creamy topping takes this up a notch; the onions become a little more substantial, making this an unforgettable side dish. And when is topping anything with cream and cheese a bad idea?

If you haven’t tried roasting onions yet, definitely give this recipe a try. A few slices roasted on a pan will be delicious on their own, but we’ve added a little extra goodness to turn this into something a little heartier. How does one make onions hearty? By adding cheese, of course! Roasted onions topped with a cheesy, creamy sauce – where do we sign up?!? The simple elegance of this dish is reason enough to make it, but the taste is out of this world.

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