Southern Fried Chicken Batter

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As I may have mentioned before in previous posts, I am a Northerner at heart, but moved to the South years ago. There are a lot of things that I love about the South like the warm weather and the beaches that I live by. However, on the flip side I love the fall colors of the North. There are sincerely many reasons that I could go back and forth with as to why I love both regions. One thing that I have truly learned to love in the South is the food. There are so many different cultures to try down here! My favorite at the moment is good Southern Soul Food! This good is oh so delicious and yes comforting! We all need a little comforting sometimes and if food is what you need then that is what you shall receive! Once I had a taste of soul food I was hooked. There are so many wonderful soul food restaurants where I live. My waist line may not like it sometimes, but my heart is happy! I really wanted to learn how to make Southern Fried Chicken. I tried once before and it just was not working for me and I mean that I really tried. It was until that I found the perfect recipe and patience to go along with it that I was able to fry the perfect chicken. This recipe is amazing and the gravy is even better! Try this recipe and perfect your frying. You will not be disappointed!

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